Your restaurant for slow food cooking in Bürgstadt

Follow us on a journey of pleasure through Bavaria and Franconia – we will serve you in accordance to our philosophy of slow food kitchen in our restaurant in Bürgstadt. With all the best straight from the natural sources of the grassland, the forests, the water and the pastures of our region of Churfranken.

In addition to our fine meals you have the possibility to try extra-ordinary wines from the vineyard location of Bürgstadter Centgrafenberg.

TASTE LIFE … because we enjoy it in all its facets.

Sense, taste and smell nature. The daily delivery of fresh and regional products guarantees a high standard of quality for our philosophy of slow food and our cellar.

Sustainability concerning our region and home is an important guiding principle of our restaurant, that will be directly reflected by the taste of our cuisine.

Consciously enjoying regional products – the philosophy of slow food

In our restaurant fair and regional traded products are freshly cooked for you. Enjoy the positive aspect of slow food with all your senses: Taking your time for delicious food also means taking time for yourself, being more conscious and supplying your body with the fuel it needs.

Thanks to the natural philosophy of slow food your stay at our hotel will provide you a well deserved time out far from your daily routine.

Slow Food

Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

To do that, Slow Food brings together pleasure and responsibility, and makes them inseparable.


Our self-produced wines and fruit brandies

Our own Pinot Noir is of a gloriously warm red colour and you’ll find this colour echoed throughout our hotel. The walls in our reception are washed in red and will give you the warmest welcome - and at the table, the deep dark red will glow in your wineglass whenever you feel like it.

The “BÜRGSTADTER Centgrafenberg” ranges amongst the best Pinots Noir in Germany. Norbert cultivates the pinot noir grape in his vineyard which lies where the grapes catch the most sun, on the upper part of the Centgrafen hill.

Evelyn’s vineyard, sunbathing in the lower ranges of the Centgrafen hill and into the Erftal dale, produces the Silvaner, the typical white wine of Franconia and her very own favourite. We offer you a selection of the best wines produced by the Bürgstadter winegrowers.

A long cherished tradition of our house is the distillery. Savour the smooth flavour of our fruit brandies - wild cherry, yellow plum and pear are warmly recommended by Norbert.

All our products may be purchased at the reception desk. To your health...

Opening Hours


7.00 - 24.00


BREAKFAST Monday - Friday 6.30h - 10h and Saturday/Sunday/Holiday 7.30h-10h

DAILY OPEN HOURS Monday - Saturday  5pm untill 9.30pm Sunday on request

SATURDAY/SUNDAY  from 12 am. until 2 pm



Friday 31th. of January

Monday 25th. and Tuesday 26th. of February

THE HOTEL IS OPEN WITHOUT BREAKFAST ON 23th.- untill 25th. of December.


Contact & Location
Adler Landhotel Hauptstr. 30 63927 Bürgstadt
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